Individual coaching

Individual Coaching is a professionally guided process that inspires clients to maximise their personal and professional potential.

Team coaching

Team coaching is an agreed intervention designed to increase collective capability and performance of a group or team, through application of the coaching principles of assisted reflection, analysis and motivation for change.

Group coaching

Group coaching has pillars in groups dynamics methods and coaching itself in order to enable an on-going coaching conversation with a group, their members and non-formal sub-groups.

About Coach

Senior Practitioner Coach & Mentor EIA EMCC & ESIA certified supervisor

Once upon a time, a boy who was always interested in people became an engineer.
Curious broad interests brought me into the world of consultancy. I enjoyed and learned a lot about different organization cultures, industries and the human impact in every business. One day I had to deliver a quite complex workshop to the top management in one telecommunication company. What a discovery that was?! That fascinating group dynamics was trigger to enter the world of training in Amsterdam 1999. That was the discovery journey to explore the roles of human touch in any business. A few more projects and assignments and wish to go even deeper in understanding human functioning broth me to coaching master’s education in Utrecht, NL. Somehow my passion and creative essence was found in the role of coach which integrated all my roles of engineer, consultant and trainer. This is for me endless inspiration. The essence of the coaching service is in the value of the art of observation without judgment, opinion, and ego-driven ideas.
I am a coach. There is no need to put prefix prior to my role. Let’s meet and you may do it freely once we discover the art of collaboration and co-creation. Are you curious to explore and better understand yourself, your team or your any context?
If so, I am in!

Certifications & Carrer Development

  • EMCC certified Team coach, UK
  • Senior Practitioner Coach & Mentor EIA EMCC, UK
  • ESIA certified supervisor – EMCC Global Supervision Individual Accreditation ESIA, UK
  • Master in Coaching, Post-academical study Coaching, NL
  • Certified consultant & trainer for the transformation of organization culture by Barrett
  • Diploma Telecommunications, The Netherlands
  • Certified consultant and certified project manager, The Netherlands
  • Certified Business trainer, Niqué, NL
  • Business Consulting, Project Management, Training, Coaching 1996.-2004, The Netherlands
  • Entrepreneur, founder Alter Ars, coaching, consulting, training, 2005- …. Croatia
  • Diploma in acting, Studio Kubus
  • Transactional Analysis, foundation
  • Certified mediator, The Croatian Association for Mediation – HUM
  • Jungian Coaching
  • One of the founders of the Croatian Association for Coaching- HUC

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