The Department of Organization and Management at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb has been, since 2008, successfully cooperating with Mr. M.Sc. Dragan Knezevic, as an outsourced expert/lecturer for Coaching on the postgraduate Leadership program.
M.Sc. Dragan Knezevic was evaluated by program participants as the best lecturer, both in terms of objective criteria – preparation of lectures and extent of knowledge, and in the subjective sense the general impression of openness and communication with students. Program participants have, in addition to the quality of knowledge transfer, emphasized his pragmatic approach to knowledge transfer and his rich international experience as a lecturer.
Considering all said above, we highly recommend Mr. M.Sc. Dragan Knezevic as an experienced coach and inspirational coaching lecturer for leaders and teams.

prof. Borna Bebek, PhD

Department of Organization and Management Faculty of Economics and Business - Zagreb