Dragan was my coach for three years, and during that time he helped me solve all the issues that I contacted him about, as well as additional things that I was not even aware of, but gradually opened up through work. He was a great support in the growth of Sofascore and one of the key roles and support in solving various difficult organizational issues that greeted us after the pandemic.

Dragan is an excellent coach who has a deep understanding of human behavior and psychology. He is very skilled in deep exploration that lead to self-knowledge and personal development. He is also very good at solving problems and finding creative solutions.

One of the biggest advantages of Dragan is the trust you gain very quickly when working with him. This was one of the most important things for me personally when we started working together, and today I can say that I never once felt that the things I talked about with him were convincing to someone else

Zlatko Hrkac

Sofascore co-founder & CEO